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ALBUM | Young Killer – TMA Swahili Rap

Young Killer Msodoki’s TMA Swahili Rap is a new album that consists of various tracks showcasing the rapper’s talent and versatility. Here is a breakdown of the songs featured on the album:

1. “MIMI” – This track is a solo effort by Young Killer and serves as an introduction to the album. It displays his lyrical prowess and sets the tone for what is to come.

2. “Cheers” ft. Colé Miss London – Young Killer collaborates with Colé Miss London on this energetic and catchy song. It is a celebration of success and having a good time.

3. “13 (Kumi Na Tatu)” ft. Fid Q & Belle 9 – This collaboration brings together three talented artists to deliver a powerful track that talks about perseverance and determination in the face of challenges.

4. “Business All Day” – Young Killer showcases his entrepreneurial side on this track, emphasizing his focus on making money and achieving success.

5. “Kila Siku” ft. Stamina, Rapcha & Kontawa – In this song, Young Killer joins forces with Stamina, Rapcha, and Kontawa to highlight their daily hustle and grind in pursuing their dreams.

6. “Tantalanta” ft. Colé Miss London – Another collaboration with Colé Miss London, this song explores the theme of seduction and the allure of a mysterious lover.

7. “Interlude Mama” ft. Mama Msodoki – Young Killer dedicates this interlude to his mother, expressing gratitude and appreciation for her love and support.

8. “Haya Yote” ft. Chid Beenz & Mzee Yusuph – This track features Chid Beenz and Mzee Yusuph, and together they address various issues and challenges faced in life.

9. “Exclusive Interview” – Young Killer takes listeners behind the scenes of his journey and fame in this track, sharing insights and personal experiences.

10. “Go Ahead” – This song encourages listeners to keep moving forward and not let obstacles hinder their progress. Young Killer motivates his audience to chase after their dreams.

11. “Alhamdulillah” – Young Killer expresses gratitude and acknowledges his blessings on this track, praising God for his success and achievements.

12. “Legacy” – Through this song, Young Killer reflects on the impact he wants to leave behind and how he wants to be remembered in the music industry.

13. “TMA Outro” – This track serves as a conclusion to the album, wrapping up the themes and messages conveyed throughout.

14. “Super Lady (Miss Hip Hop)” ft. Barakah The Prince & Rich Mavoko – Young Killer collaborates with Barakah The Prince and Rich Mavoko on this empowering track that celebrates the strength and talents of women in the hip-hop industry.

Overall, Young Killer’s TMA Swahili Rap album showcases his growth as an artist and his ability to deliver captivating and relatable music.

Listen to “Msodoki Young Killer – TMA Swahili Rap” Below;

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